About Me

Little Cute Katie

Hi, I’m Katie. I look a few years older than this now, but I’ve been told not much more. I’m a pastor, was a foster mom, and am still half of a clergy couple navigating speaking and writing truth while caring for our awesome daughter E who we adopted in 2019 and our son JE who was born in 2021. My husband and I pastor three now two now one church between us, but in our spare time we like to run, hike, camp, and play with our ridiculous muppet dog, Wendell.

Side note: My academic love will always be child psychology, so you’ll probably hear about that, and I spent a year as a chaplain at a children’s hospital, so I will always post articles about car seat safety. You have been warned.


This is Wendell. She’s a girl, but we named her after Wendell Berry.

So far she has been coping with it just fine.