About Me

Little Cute Katie

Hi, I’m Katie. I look a few years older than this now, but I’ve been told not much more. I’m a  solo pastor, a new foster mom, and half of a clergy couple navigating speaking and writing truth and caring for my flock in my first appointment. My husband and I pastor three now two churches between us, but in our spare time we like to kayak, run, hike, camp, and play with our ridiculous muppet dog, Wendell.

Hiking at Yonah

Side note: My academic love will always be child psychology, so you’ll probably hear about that, and I spent a year as a chaplain at a children’s hospital, so I will always post articles about car seat safety. You have been warned.


This is Wendell. She’s a girl, but we named her after Wendell Berry.

So far she has been coping with it just fine.