My Favorite Children’s Bibles

Just in time for Lent, I thought I’d share my favorite children’s Bibles and a few storybooks. It’s been a process finding ones I like, so I thought I’d let you benefit from all the good recommendations I’d received, so here are my suggestions. Did I miss any of your favorites?


The Jesus Storybook Bible

This Bible has great illustrations and does a great job connecting all the stories to Jesus. I really like how it expresses God’s “never giving up love” for us. Downsides are there are times when I’d rather read the stories on their own (especially some Old Testament ones) as opposed to pointing them all to Jesus. Also, missing some stories that are in other children’s Bibles. Great to teach Sunday School from though.


The Rhyme Bible Storybook

This Bible also has great pictures (are you sensing a theme?) and it easy to read while still sticking to the heart of the story. This one is great to have kids read aloud. I frequently combine it with other stories to get a more full picture. Bonus points — kids learn some new words in sounding out the rhymes.

Children of God Storybook Bible

Gorgeous pictures (my favorite for illustrations). Each story has a different artist so there’s great variety. I love all the difference representations of Jesus and the characters — they’re incredibly diverse without seeming forced. Stories are much shorter than in some of the other Bibles, but do end with a prayer.

The Beginner’s Bible

This one is a oldie but a goodie. It’s the biggest of all the children’s Bibles I’ve suggested so far and includes lots of stories. Unless it’s changed a lot from the one I have, the pictures are not diverse really at all. From what I can tell online, that might have changed some.

Psalms for Young Children

This is a lovely introduction to the Psalms, again with great illustrations. It does a good job expressing different emotions. The Psalms are my favorite and they are so often left out of children’s Bibles, so this book is a treat.

Make Room: A Child’s Guide to Lent and Easter

This book was recently suggested to me, and I’m a fan. Great for young children, it explains what’s going on in church and connects it to Jesus, so children aren’t confused. It doesn’t gloss over Holy week or Good Friday, but it also isn’t gory or overwhelming. It’s straightforward presentation with questions in the text leaves room for discussion.

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